I am a girly girl with a penchant for pretty things and a slightly higher than normal need to plan + organize.  i ♥ flow yoga, reading, going for brunch, travelling, double shots of espresso, cooking, weekend farmers markets & wine flights.

I see perfection and find inspiration in life’s little things.  Take a peek into my world to see how it’s the little things that can make life all that much sweeter…

With Love,

Veronique ♥

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Really random, but where are you from? I absolutely loved you refill pods idea, i work at starbucks and recently purchased verismo, and realize without my markout that i would be paying an arm and a leg for pods…

    Thanks again, you rock!!

  2. I just bought a new electric bike and it only can’t in a dark blue and I think it’s ugly I want to use duck tape and I liked yours I want to do it in zebra, did you spray paint it first? I was confused about this step I just got it it’s brand new can’t I start duck tapping or need to do something first and where to start?

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