Addicted x Beauty Hauls

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about (yes, you dad!)…

  • Haul Video: the beauty/fashion blogger’s version of the “unboxing” videos so popular in the tech-gadget industry, described on Wikipedia as “a video recording, posted to the Internet, which displays items recently purchased, including product details or even the price. The posting of haul videos (or hauls) has been a growing trend, during 2007-2010.”

I love watching haul videos and reading blog posts showcasing the recent acquisitions of my favourite beauty bloggers. It’s about more than shopping vicariously through them or coveting the items that they reveal, because beauty bloggers approach these products and tools in a completely different way than everyone else.

shopping bags research

We’re perpetually on the hunt for that “HG” (holy grail) hair/lip/face/cheek/nail product that we simply can’t live without. We are also willing to put in the time and effort to do the necessary research and will comb through review after review find out which products really live up to their claims and which ones simply fall flat. We reveal which products give you the most bang for your buck and which products are truly worth the splurge. We assess every single aspect of these items taking into consideration how it smells, what the consistency is like, how the product feels when it’s on, if it lasts, if it is worth the money, who it should use it, when to use it, what is the best method of application, if improvements could be made to the packaging… and a myriad of other things that could make any boy’s head spin.

I think beauty hauls should be less about “Oooh look what I got!” and more along the lines of “This is what I purchased, these are the reasons why and this is what I think about it so far”. Good hauls are often a compilation of mini-reviews for each product—often for items that bloggers can’t film a whole video for or write an entire post about but still deem worthy of mentioning. They’ll often swatch it or describe the product’s smell/consistency/feel and mention if it’s a new product that they’re excited to try or a repurchased item for something they love and have already used up. It is really interesting to see which items these beauty product junkies (who are often sent oodles of things to test and review) actually purchase and use on themselves.

Beauty bloggers are also always willing to try new products. This makes hauls famous for revealing items that you never knew existed but may have been exactly what you were looking for. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with a few beauty bloggers (or vloggers!), you’ll figure out whose opinions and taste preferences you value enough to purchase products based on their recommendation alone.

It may all sound a bit frivolous to those unfamiliar with the process, but the number of hits proves that they must be doing something right! Plus, let’s just admit it… they’re super, super fun to watch!! And for all you non-believers, just give it a try, because if you are able to find that one serum that erases all signs of hyper pigmentation or that perfect deep conditioner that transforms your straw-like hair to lush, commercial-worthy tresses, it may change your life!

Check out some of the hauls videos I’ve linked below.  Let the coveting begin!

Fleur De Force’s (fleurdeforce) High End Beauty Haul

Ingrid Nilsen’s (missglamorazzi) Drugstore Beauty Haul

Elle Fowler’s (allthatglitters21) Summer Beauty Haul

Who are some of your favourite beauty bloggers?

With love,

[Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post.  These opinions are my own and are in no way indicative of the opinions or positions of any of the companies or people mentioned.  Thanks for your support! ♥]


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