I heart blogging.

Here are some reasons why I have fallen in love with blogging and some of the reasons why you or your business should get into it too (or join the community!):


♥ IT PUSHES YOU – For most people, blogging is something new and exciting that brings them outside of their comfort zone.  Since blogs are completely public, they push you to keep working harder and doing better.  Although it was kind of scary at first, nothing is more satisfying!

♥ IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE INDUSTRY – Find likeminded people, find INSPIRATION.  Become part of the community and you could make connections that couldn’t have been achieved any other way.

♥ BECOME AN EXPERT – From both a business and personal standpoint, delving into different topics enough to write a full post about it forces you to dig deeper and take a more active approach in whatever you’re working on.  It also gives you the perfect platform to showcase what you have done and what you could do.

♥ IT’S NEVER BORING – Your blog is your blog. Whether it be your personal blogmor a blog for your business, it can grow, adapt or evolve into whatever you want or need it to be…

♥ IT GIVES YOU AN EXCUSE TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE – Blogging gives me a creative outlet and forces me me set aside time to do things that make me happy—a passion project, if you will.  But most of all, I now have a legitimate excuse to buy/try/do anything and everything related to beauty, fashion and/or lifestyle… I mean, it’s all in the name of research right?!


So give it a shot!  If you are willing to put in some time and effort (as much or as little as you want!) you may find yourself as addicted to it as I am!  And if blogging really isn’t your thing, then just keep browsing or maybe contribute and be part of the community.  There are blogs out there for everything under the sun and some of them are truly fantastic… all you need to do is comment, like, subscribe and be inspired!

With love,


I’d love to hear what some of your favourite blogs are to follow!  Share them below ♥


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