How to Store Fresh Mint


Ever wonder what to do with the rest of your fresh herbs?  It always seems like such a waste when recipes require you to buy a bundle of fresh herbs when you know you’ll never use more than a tiny bit of them.  Whenever I buy fresh mint, the answer is usually make mojitos (obviously!), but when I’m all mojito-ed out I use this clever little ice cube method to save the remaining mint for use later on.


what you’ll need:
♥ fresh mint leaves
♥ chopping board + knife
♥ ice cube tray
♥ container with a spout for easy pouring
♥ fresh tap water or filtered water


step 1 | Pick through the fresh mint making sure to discard stems and damaged leaves.


step 2 | Wash leaves thoroughly and place a few leaves into each ice cube compartment.


step 3 | Fill ice cube tray with water making sure all mint leaves are completely submerged.


step 4 | Freeze and enjoy!  Once the ice cubes have frozen, remove them from the tray and store them in a freezer bag.  Your mint ice cubes should stay fresh for 4-6 months.

When you need the mint, you can melt the ice cubes in a glass of water then strain the liquid to remove the mint leaves.  These ice cubes can also be put directly into water or any drink for a pretty and refreshing twist!  If you want the mint ice cubes to infuse flavour into your drink as they melt, try boiling the water with the mint and letting it cool before pouring the liquid into the ice cube tray.

This quick + easy method can also be used with a variety of fresh herbs.  Lemonade with lavender ice cubes, anyone?


[img source]

And for all you serious drinkers +/or perfectionists, ditch the cloudy ice cubes and check out this Gizmodo article on how to make the perfect, crystal-clear ice seen in high end restaurants + bars!

With love,


Do you know of any other uses for mint ice cubes?  Have you tried storing any other herbs this way?


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